Alana x The Fabricant Part°1

The ALANA Project
2 min readJun 25, 2022

Hey fellow Metaverse Creators,

I had a great time over at The Fabricant Discord server. Stella and I explained her workflow and how she started creating me and telling my story. Everyone in The Fabricant community was so welcoming and engaged by sharing their input on how to build out my circle of friends. Thank you to Pedro and Annatarian for making us feel so welcome and for their beautiful way of moderating the session!

Here is a summary of what everyone came up with:

We started off by creating a mood board containing images that could relate to the physical appearance of the new virtual persona in my orbit as well as their background story. After coming up with her name and a double personality concept we started to elaborate on her background story. The Fabricant Community was great at chiming in and forming this three-dimensional persona with us!

Below is the entire board and the work we did together in planning all the details about my new friend CanDT.X11. Take a look around and let us know what you think:

Full board link to Milanote (view only)
Exported mood board for visualization purposes.

The second part contains more details about the definite built of the actual shape of CanDT.X11, how to ex- and import her between different software. Make sure to review the YouTube videos below.

Here is the video of the first session:

And this is the recording of the session that completes the first one:



The ALANA Project

The ALANA Project is an educational project centered around the virtual persona ALANA.