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8 min readDec 29, 2022

Hi, and welcome to a little wrapper for 2022 in The Web3 Girl!

My name is Stella, and I am one of Alana’s Nucleus Guardians, among eleven other fantastic people. While I founded the project around a year ago officially, I am happy to say I am no longer the only driving force. This makes me very happy and proud!

For those of you who don’t know who The Web3 Girl is, let me introduce the project to you in a few words. Alana, or The Web3 Girl, is a virtual avatar project that educates people about web3 in a fun and engaging way. The Web3 Girl is based on the idea of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, and is community-generated. While I wish I could say we are already one hundred percent decentralized, the truth is we are working on it; from an external and internal point of view. We utilize tools such as DeWork to make our workflow and the status of the project very open and transparent. Still, we are not free from hierarchy, nor does everything run algorithmically yet within the project.

Before I continue, instead of reading, you can also watch my second live stream on Alana’s YouTube channel instead:

As you’ll see, The Web3 Girl has experienced tremendous growth on social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Our core team, collaborators, and partners have also seen growth alongside us which makes me happy to see!

The organic growth rate on socials — Twitter, TikTok, Discord and Instagram

First and foremost, I want to thank the remarkable individuals who dedicate regular time every week to The Web3 Girl and with whom I am honored to work alongside: The Nucleus Guardians.

By name/ handle, those are Adam, Annatarian, DeepThought, Heej, Isab00, Kat, Kirsty, Klaus, Paridhi, Paola, and Zoe.

First Image: Zoe at NFT London | Second and Third Image: Zoe, Stella & Kat at DCentral Miami (with friends from Mutani and Ready Player Me)
Breakfast at Jevels — NFT NYC (Heej, Stella and the wider Jevels Family)

Thank you for all your efforts, and I am looking forward to an even better 2023 with all of you! I know it is not easy to carve out extra time every week as I have to do it as well, but this is why your time and work mean so much more to me and Alana (if she knew that was happening).

The next point brings me to our Collaborators, who have been truly amazing this year even though we neglected you guys a bit in the second half of 2022 due to internal re-structuring and re-branding. But the coming year already starts out very exciting with our winners from Alana’s First Utility Kit competition. We will start working with our winners, The MOS Brand, Astroporcelain, and JavoG, throughout February and make the content available for all of our enthusiastic Co-Creator apprentices. Additional collaborators have joined us throughout the last year from the builder space to help us further some of our very relevant and revenue-generating development branches. Thank you for that and for seeing the project’s potential.

Winner of Alana’s First Utility Kit Competition — The MOS Brand

This brings me to our incredible partners this year: Jevels, The Fabricant, and DappBack. Thank you for having been so welcoming and supportive towards Alana by sharing and elevating all we do.

Jevels were the first to see Alana’s potential. They supported the project by inviting us to speak on different occasions and featuring Alana’s first virtual AR jewelry collection on their platform. We have been working together since, and I see many more mutually beneficial projects to come in 2023.

The Fabricant was the first to provide us with an interested audience of Co-Creators and, of course, a relevant platform. Thank you for that and for making room for growing projects such as ours. It won’t be forgotten. Check out the recorded video series in the below-attached link:

Thanks to our partnership with DappBack and Alana’s cute Blockchain Candy NFTs, our social media traction has more than quadrupled in the last year. If you didn’t already, please learn a bit about The Web3 Girl project and earn yourself some cute NFTs that will hold utility in the future. I will say no more … pssst. I will drop the links below the video. Have fun.

CrystalCandy DataKey — Blockchain Candy NFT & Reward for DappBack Web3 Task Journey

The main focus though of this recap is to put on all the things we have accomplished in 2022 as well as the struggles and give a solid lookout for the upcoming year. I’ll walk you through the internal structure of The Web3 Girl and give you an overview of the different development branches of the project. The outlook on upcoming partnerships I will keep short, as some of them are not yet sealed.

  • Internal structure
  • Core Administration
  • Development Branches & Revenue Streams
  • DAO Structure & Reward System
Internal Structure of The Web3 Girl and highlighted revenue streams we will be focusing on in 2023

The model for the internal structure shows a clear hierarchy in the sense of responsibilities and priorities. While the core team/ Nucleus Guardians work alongside Collaborators and Partners, they must ensure the quality and feasibility of all the different revenue stream development branches (marked here in pink).

While the revenue streams lead first back into the project itself to pay for constant costs, the overflow of it leads back to the treasury. From there a fixed incentivization/ payment should lead to the Nucleus Guardians for their efforts. At the same time, other portions will be made available to Alana’s DAO to decide on clear re-invest strategies/ proposals. In this scheme, Collaborators should gain a revenue split depending on their individual contribution, which will be measured through the Multidimensional Passport or short MDP.

As mentioned also in the video recap, this structure is by no means final but a very rough layout of my thought process. As I keep studying with the Token Engineering Academy, it becomes undeniable that not everything needs a token. Instead, I think reputation credentials will rule the internal structure through the MDP, while development branches such as Alana’s World might see utility tokens. But more about that when I am actually sure what I am doing ;).

Here is a quick summary of the different development branches and potential revenue streams we will be focusing on in 2023:

  • Alana’s Zine | A community initiative to create a web3 high-end fashion magazine, first digitally and after physically, to show the efforts and beauty of the digital world of creation. The Nucleus Guardians oversee the magazine, and Alana will be the spokesperson, but the true drive stems from the wider community and engaged collaborators.
  • Alana AI | Alana AI is meant to make Alana herself more tangible to people. In the first instance, the project focused on developing a Discord bot called GALATEA (after Alana’s first animal species). The bot answers web3 keyword questions in a dictionary manner. The next step in the project is that members can chat with Alana directly. Eventually, Alana is supposed to become a virtual persona with which people can chat visually on-screen and develop ideas.
  • The Alana Show | The Alana Show is one of the more ambitious projects in which we are trying to create a crossover between Bill Nye, the science guy, and John Oliver to educate on different elements of web3. The show consists of many sub-parts and is in need of partners from various fields. By working on the show concept and first storyboards, we could define Alana’s character better than ever before and make her persona more accessible.
  • Alana’s Boutique | Alana’s Boutique is inspired by the original Barbie Boutique and replaces the cheap and unsustainable idea of Merch. Instead, we want to highlight independent, physical designers and bring them closer to the digital space. We ask them to re-design one of their best-selling pieces with Alana in mind as an inspiration and make their design available through an rNFT process. Aside from the chore idea, the Nucleus Guardians will also add ideas and physical products to the Boutique.
  • Alana’s World | Alana’s world contains different forms of digital experiences. Some of them, like “Alana’s Archive” and “Alana’s Lab”, shed more light on who Alana is and how her story began, while others are meant to become games like “Earendel Chateau”. Earendel is a gaming prototype and serves as an experiment for Alana’s eventual open-world Metaverse Experience AltaAgri°XIII. The Chateau is built, and the next step is to develop and add the game mechanics.
  • Alana’s G-Novel | Alana’s Graphic Novel is without a title for now but will illustrate her origin story and how she came into existence. It will make The Web3 Girl less abstract and more tangible and help in the long run to learn more about web3 and the adventures the space holds.

I’m excited to have shared all of this with you and hope you’ll join us in 2023 on this journey as we continue to educate and entertain with The Web3 Girl.

Off to an incredible 2023!

Best Stella* and Alana

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The ALANA Project

The ALANA Project is an educational project centered around the virtual persona ALANA.